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Things that give us a quick sense of nostalgia are so peaceful. Whether it be a photograph, a place, a smell, or maybe a certain word. In our case though, it’s a sound. Evalution dropped a remix of “Devil Dance” from CHOMPPA, and it is triggering our vintage love for bass music.

We are loving this remix from Evalution!

It’s always so refreshing to hear and see an artist develop their own unique sound that distinguishes them from the rest, while also sticking to the classic. In Evalution‘s remix of “Devil Dance”, he makes us feel reminiscent. This track will bring you back to that feeling of loving heavy bass music. If you love the underground, this one is unquestionably for you. The mellow wonky wubz creep up into a spine chilling bass drop. It will have you flexing the nastiest bass face you’ve ever had.

Evalution is not new to the game of dropping straight up GAS. With talent like this, he has most certainly been busy making music this year. On July 10th he released his “Railhouse Rock” EP which was quite literally, iconic. He continues to give us goosebumps and amaze us. Without a doubt, we will be on the lookout for his next release.

Turn your volume up to one hundred and listen to the “Devil Dance” remix from Evalution below.


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