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Oli helps us end October on the right note with his gruesome new single “Scary!” Making itself right at home alongside other equally spooky tracks in Wubaholics newest Halloween compilation Nightmare on Wub Street. After one listen, it’s safe to say we’ll be sleeping with the lights on tonight.

Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Brian Oliveros, better known as Oli, is taking the underground by storm. His unique sounds bring a whole new meaning to the term experimental bass. Oli most recently dropped the track “Desert” with Hallucinate as part of our very own The Nest series.

Oli Scary!

…This is getting scary

Wasting no time at all, Oli begins with an intro that leaves something sinister looming. The drums build and so does the anticipation before we are tossed knee-deep in the swamps of this thick and murky drop. The only thing going bump in the night is this bass and it doesn’t slow down either, with a second drop just as ghoulish as the first. It’s obvious Oli is out for blood making “Scary!” live up to its name.

Enter at your own risk, and stream ‘Scary!’ by Oli below

Impress your homies with the perfect Halloween soundtrack by streaming Wubaholics’ Nightmare On Wub Street compilation from front to back.

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