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sen·sa·tion: /senˈsāSH(ə)n/ noun
a widespread reaction of interest and excitement

Much like the definition, OBAŸASHI’S new single “Sensation” is a huge dose of energy and excitement. Out now via BLAQ VOID, this acid house knocker just boosted my serotonin, cured my depression, took me out to dinner, and texted me “good morning” the next day.


Alexus Obayashi, or as you’ll get to know her as just OBAŸASHI, is a Salt Lake City-based producer that can be summed up as “just a girl who likes house music.” Consistently creating these pounding basslines paired with enticing vocal samples, OBAŸASHI’s style is one we need to take note of.

Here at Electric Hawk, there’s nothing we love more than a bad b*tch queen making bad b*tch queen beats. OBAŸASHI completely embodies that description. “Sensation” comes out swinging with a high intensity that grabs listeners instantly. Vocal samples cut in that question “what do you know about acid house music?” If your answer to that question is nothing, we’ll refer you to Miss OBAŸASHI’s Acid House 101 course, your first assignment is to stream “Sensation.”

A quick stroll through OBAŸASHI’S discography shows just how much potential she has. With this single being what kick starts her 2021, we sense a takeover coming on. We’re gonna stay locked in on what’s to come from OBAŸASHI, and we advise you to do the same.

Experience the “Sensation” for yourself below

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