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On November 8th & 9th, Porter Robinson and The Nurture Gang (Jai Wolf and James Ivy) took over the Mission Ballroom in Denver, Colorado. The two-night run consisted of good vibes only and top-tier production that amazed fans in attendance. The Nurture album is about finding comfortability in one’s self and sparking creativity. After attending the Nurture tour, we can definitely attest to the effectiveness of the message. Porter Robinson is renowned for his ability to connect people through music. Whether the year is 2013 or 2021, his concerts are timeless. Here is our visual recap of the Nurture Tour: Denver.

Nurture Night 1 & 2 Recap

James Ivy opened both nights with a remarkable amount of fans turning out early. “Pushin’ Thru It” and “Headset Go” vibrated from the speakers. People danced like there was no tomorrow.

Up next, Jai Wolf

The hybrid trap artist Jai Wolf performed an updated set with bits and pieces of his Cure to Loneliness tour. Nostalgic anthems such as “Indian Summer” and “Easy My Mind” set the perfect emotional foundation for Nurture Live. (Photos by Mike Kvackay from

Porter, the Musician

The descending chord progression of “Something Comforting” echoed throughout the venue as Porter Robinson appeared on stage. The innovative take on stage design was a wonder to witness in person. Accordingly, the enigmatic artist closed out both nights with a heartfelt piano rendition of “Goodbye to a World.” Porter Robinson is always pushing the boundaries of electronic music and we fully support him in his mission.

Check out our video of “Look at the Sky” by Porter Robinson from Night 2 of the Nurture Tour in Denver!

Curtain Closed

Ultimately, we would like to extend a special thank you to Sydney Yeo, James Ivy, Porter Robinson, and the entire Nurture Tour crew! Thank you for an outstanding experience and congratulations on a successful tour, you may now take your bows.

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