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After our endless journey, the search is finally over and we have found “Eternity” with Rossy and Bafu’s latest single released through Welcome Records this Friday, November 19th. If you were to capture the supersonic feeling of what eternity feels like, this duo has the right track for you. The dynamic duo released an eccentric and electric single combining the beauty of both their styles into a timeless track.

Rossy and Bafu Press

Wave + Trap = A ballad in the making!

Welcome to the surreal and starstruck soundscape that is created when you blend the styles from Rossy and Bafu. “Eternity” brings this powerful score of upbringing emotions and a sense of overcoming from the beginning. After resurrecting from the ashes and being awakened in the universe the duo has crafted, you are engulfed with all this electric sensory energy. From the elegant arps and signature trap elements from Rossy and the iconic and revolutionary wave elements from Bafu, comes this beautiful ballad with “Eternity.”

Rossy and Bafu have blown the expectations of what you might anticipate when you fuse wave and trap together. Therefore, “Eternity” is this addictive track that your ears will be longing for more of. When you’re on one of those late-night drives fighting your restless mind, “Eternity” gives the listener a sense of strength and hope. In the end, you’ll never want to let go of this track after the first listen. The duo has brought their A-game with “Eternity” and if you are one of the lucky ones to witness this live, then consider us jealous.

Don’t miss out on witnessing Rossy or Bafu near you!

The duo has continued to strive throughout the year. Rossy finishing up an amazing fall tour with Sable Valley, Deadbeats, and major festivals. She continues to rise in the limelight with her remaining festival dates, Audiotistic, and NYE events in Canada. Overall, Rossy is shining and pushing the boundaries in the scene.

Bafu continues to build his name within the wave community. After a few releases through labels and performing live stream events, Bafu is a rising star in the making. While also involved in playing a small intimate event in San Francisco on November 30th, Bafu is a name don’t want to skip. Don’t regret missing out on seeing either of them now or in 2022!

The search is over, we have found “Eternity” with Rossy and Bafu! You can listen to it below!

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