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“Everyday” is a blessing with Jaenga. And this teaser is nothing short of a gift from the drum and bass Gods. Get your first listen, and a glimpse at his upcoming EP, Nomad, here exclusively at Electric Hawk.

After covering the release of “Rain,” I was excited to get the opportunity to share more tunes from Jaenga. But after hearing “Everyday,” I’m even more eager to hear what else Nomad has in store for us.

“Nomad is the sound of a grassroots journey. After spending years traveling across the US in an old school bus, we made our own parties, met new friends, and saw new places. Roadside bus breakdowns, impromptu block parties, and discovery of new resonance: these are the sounds of Nomad.”


I’m just saying, when I played this song in my room for the first time, about 20 minutes passed before the cops arrived. They told me somebody called 911 because shawty was fire burning on the dance floor. And they were right. It’s me — I’m shawty. The piano lead begins the track by guiding you into a trance-like state once paired with the vocals. Then, upbeat drums set an infectious pace that’s both enthralling, and addictive.

We suggest you put on your dancing shoes.

Listen to “Everyday” by Jaenga below — Exclusively at Electric Hawk:

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