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Benny Bridges and Oli-J effortlessly combine their two worlds to create “Stay With Me” out now via Fantastic Voyage Music. The latest single delivers bedroom electro-pop vibes with soulful vocals and intoxicating instrumentals. If you can resist singing and dancing along to this track, we’re seriously questioning your character.

An Unforeseen Dynamic

Guitar-player and producer Benny Bridges has mastered his little niche of electronic music. Creating several catchy feel-good tunes, much like those found on his 2020 release The Great Escape. For this track, he called on the assistance of Oli-J, who has made a name for himself in the R&B world.

Benny Bridges Oli-J

Receiving “Stay With Me” from Benny brought a whole new world of sound to me, plus a genre I never saw myself singing to. I was easily inspired late at night having the beat stuck in my head that I woke up at 11:40pm and wrote the lyrics honestly under 5 minutes.


Much like Oli-J said, this beat is infectious. It doesn’t take long before it’s living in your head rent-free. The relatable and captivating lyrics aid in making this an all-around hit. The energy stays up throughout the whole track, with the help of vocal chops and a dance floor ready rhythm. It’s easy to feel each individual spark both Bridges and Oli bring to fuel this fire. “Stay With Me” is one of a kind, a vibe too unique to match.

Watch Benny and Oli take “Stay With Me” to the next level when they perform it live and direct (from their bedroom.)

Experience the hype for yourself below:

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