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From the drum influenced mind of MORiLLO comes Gravitas Recordings first album release of the year. Full of organic sounds, skillful acoustic drums, and hypnotic energy, MORiLLO’s Shades of Green is going to be on repeat for quite some time.

MORiLLO Shades of Green

MORiLLO is no stranger to music of all kinds.

Growing up, MORiLLO had a passion for drumming. With time, he mastered the skill and went on to perform live with artists such as the band Rhye and even Childish Gambino! Throughout his life, the talented musician strived to take his drumming to even bigger heights. He eventually started a solo project entitled MORiLLO. This project opened up space for him to explore new sounds. His electronic bass music evolved to become captivating, thanks to his drum-driven knowledge. And now, thanks to good-old quarantine, MORiLLO has brought his projects to another level.

After refurbishing his old drum kit, MORiLLO’s Shades of Green came to life.

MORiLLO was dedicated to translating his talents acoustically into his electronic music. “The result was a fresh aesthetic diverging from strictly electronic sounds, empowering a live and more human aspect to his music.” Shades of Green is an 8 track cinematic, globally-induced, bass journey.

“Badmon Sound” sets the tone for the album with acoustic depth and intoxicating sirens. Then, focusing listeners’ attention on another instrumental addition of the sitar, MORiLLO is joined by Evan Hatfield on “Secrets.” The album’s single, “Champion Sound” follows. This one seeks the help of Canadian bass producer PRZM to transport us to an energetic, reggae-filled territory. Next, we slip into a “Dreamland” dripping in moody vocals from Talia Bentson. Meanwhile, MORiLLO goes solo on “King of Kings,” dropping his masterful bass, making this the heaviest track. The title track, “Shades of Green,” is rich in jungle-like textures, offering up a meditative state for a moment. After that, more fresh bass trickles in during “One$$,” featuring DanNig. To conclude, MORiLLO lightens the mood with “Rain and Mist.” Being a personal favorite, this vibrant and zesty tune feels like a rainbow peeking through the clouds after a storm.

In short, MORiLLO surpasses all expectations with this “small-batch record that dives deep into organic soundscapes to move listeners spiritually and physically.”

Stream MORiLLO’s Shades of Green, out now on Gravitas Recordings, below!

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