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The mlotik boys are fast on the rise. The duo started becoming popular for their fun and weird dubstep releases on Spicy Bois. Recently, their style has shifted to a more sound-designed focus halftime type feel. Their hard work has really come to fruition in their last release, arguably their biggest yet. Out now on Ganja White Night’s label SubCarbon, Intercal is four smashing drum n’ bass tracks that add to mlotik’s wonderful array.

With four different tracks, mlotik gives us a taste of their drum n’ bass skill set

Each of the tracks is similar but different in its own ways. They are all energy-inducing, dancefloor-shaking rippers. But within each track is elements unique to that particular song. It starts out with the title track, “Intercal”. This tune is a classic high-energy DnB thriller. The intro lures us in with heavy drums and an ominous horn. The tension builds, before unleashing it all into one thrilling drop. The smooth bassline runs underneath the stomach-churning foghorn, producing a fun tune to dance to, but we’re more likely to just freak out. “Hallucinogen” is the second tune on this EP. This one is a more psychedelic, techy tune. The duo’s outstanding sound design is still flexed in the drop, as they display a variety of different bass noises. All of this over a relatively minimal and deep bassline.

blazejzalewski mlotik Electric Hawk
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The second half of the EP maintains the high energy provided by the first half. “Smack” is probably my favorite (a tough choice to make.) The song starts out very lightly, almost luring us into a trance before the drums make their way into the mix. Similar to “Intercal”, the song absolutely explodes at the drop. This is exactly the type of song that you could see someone the likes of Ganja White Night dropping and sending the crowd into an absolute frenzy.

The EP closes out with “Excurro”, a collab with ZLEN. This one is reminiscent of some of mlotik’s Spicy Bois tracks in a sense. The build-up puts you in an “I’m an outer-space” mindset. Once again, mlotik flexes their heavyweight sound and sends us spiraling with this track. Each noise hits like a punch to the chest. They switch it up on the second drop, switching up into some nice halftime, before kicking it back up to the DnB.

Mlotik’s ability to transition into the Dnb world was shown on this EP. To get the attention and approval of someone at GWN’s level, you need to be good at what you do, and clearly, this duo is at that level.

Listen to Intercal, out now on SubCarbon:

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