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Does it get easier?

No… Yes…

It gets easier

– “Lost In Translation” by Fryar

Some meditative and all-too-timely first words echo out into dark space on “Lost In Translation“, the newest track by Fryar. Eerie pads, growling bass, and warped lasers follow to create an organic, free-range, grass-fed, bass spectacle.

Deep From The Underground

Hailing from Myrtle Beach, S. C., Fryar has crafted a tasteful style of bass production. His sound finds its center around saturated lows, experimental synths, and vocal sampling akin to that of a G Jones or Eprom; which has become a signature mark of the scene.

With that sound, Fryar has built himself a cult following. But it still feels like he’s only just getting started. For the coming year he’s already teased a few collab’s with the likes of Mersiv and others.

“Lost In Translation”

With his newest release Fryar has given us a grimy track that triggers your best involuntary bass face. And the ominous vocals and otherworldly pads draw you into the track just long enough to take your breath away on the drop.

WARNING: Mind numbing subs lie ahead. Please pick your brain up off the floor when the ride ends.

Bass Track "Lost In Translation" by Fryar
Photography by 1insouth

Suffice it to say, “Lost In Translation” makes you feel just as the title would suggest. Fryar has continued to push the boundaries of bass music and this track does so with dizzying effect. And as an exciting new addition to Electric Hawk Records we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of his ground-breaking journey.

Go listen below and prepare thyself:

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