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Maybe Forever consistently draws us in, hosting Denver’s must-see afters at an invite-only, secret warehouse location. Their unmatched line-ups feature secret guests and gear toward the bass, wave, house, and techno scenes. Providing a safe rave space until sun-up, Maybe Forever‘s atmosphere is the true definition of PLUR; since previously hosting favorites like Barnacle Boi and Onhell, the collective sets the bar for after-hour parties in the bass music capital. Last weekend, their atmosphere was combined with the DOME OF DOOM label, rumbling the warehouse with bass and heavy experimental influences. Luckily, we had the opportunity to witness the label’s line-up with Wylie Cable, Bostn, Lord Genmu, and Bleep Bloop.

Bleep Bloop @ Dome of Doom
Bleep Bloop at Maybe Forever; Photo by Seradopa

An evening that will last Maybe Forever

Maybe Forever / Dome of Doom

Denver gifted us with the perfect setting: clear skies and a 75-degree evening. Global Dance goers scattered the city, searching for more music to keep the vibes high. A roaring sound guided us to the secret warehouse, where we met an orange glow and neon blue accented dance space. The 360 set-up pulled us in, and we arrived just in time for the DOME OF DOOM line-up.

The DOME OF DOOM curation

The DOME OF DOOM label caught our radar after the recent spring compilation filled with energizing vibrations by artists like DMVU and Baby Weight. Although Bleep Bloop‘s comeback was a no-brainer for us, we couldn’t resist the rest of the label’s curation. Lord Genmu has been the talk of the underground, recently supporting artists like G Jones, Alix Perez, and The Glitch Mob. Bringing Lord Genmu along with Bostn and Wylie Cable, DOME OF DOOM graces their deep-cut sounds in a live setting for Denver ravers.

Lord Genmu @ Dome of Doom
Lord Genmu at Maybe Forever; photo by Seradopa

From Wylie Cable’s high-energy to Bleep Bloop’s rap-infused bass, Maybe Forever’s DOME OF DOOM takeover kept us bright-eyed past 4 AM. Bleep Bloop’s rare appearance and grime-y set have left us searching for his next moves. Plus, we can’t get enough of Lord Genmu, and we’re diving into the recent XLR8R Podcast 808 to hold us over. Looking for the secret location yourself? Be in the know and sign-up on Maybe Forever‘s text line for upcoming shows and merch drops!

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