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Last week, bass veteran Apashe released a stacked remix EP of his orchestral single, “Distance (feat Geoffroy).” The Distance (Remixes) EP features clean reworks by KOAN Sound, Buunshin, and more—each distinctly unique to the artists’ perspective. Each artist beautifully incorporates the original track’s identity with their own personal spin.

It still amazes me how one song can be remixed this many times and stand out so differently from each other. But that’s exactly what these top-tier producers do! So, here’s a quick breakdown of each artist and their track on Apashe’s Distance (Remixes) EP, out now on Kannibalen Records.

Volac Remix:

The house duo from Russia takes the reins on the first “Distance” remix. The two are known for their vivacious house beats that bring the bounce and the dirty bass. Taking on “Distance,” Volac begins with Geoffroy’s vocals and a soft ascending house beat. As a result, it makes me yearn for the sunny days dancing on the beach.

KOAN Sound Remix:

Next, KOAN Sound, the dynamic duo out of Bristol, continue to twist the emotional feel to “Distance.” They simply do not miss. Through panning synths to create a strong texture, on top of the neuro basses and melodic chords, listeners are taken on a ride.

Buunshin Remix:

Buunshin is a firecracker of a producer, he’s relatively new to the scene but came in with a bang. With a sound influenced by drum and bass staples such as Mefjus and Noisia, Buunshin flipped “Distance” into the DnB track of your dreams. He uses amazing tension build, and nicely contradicts melodic samples with the aggressive neuro-like breaks to leave an impact.

Macky Gee Remix:

Then, Macky Gee, a jump-up drum and bass king, took on “Distance” and brought it to a new realm. Definitely one for the dance floor—with high energy synths and old-school rave sounds, he brings that Macky Gee-spark to the cinematic original.

Pushing Daizies Remix:

Debuting with this remix as their first track under this alias, Pushing Daizies, brought a groovy dynamic. With this large of a project being Pushing Daizies‘ first track, it makes us wonder who’s behind the mask. In conclusion, the anonymous US duo brings a story to tell with an emotional dance build-up and strong bass-heavy finish.

In short, we think it’s safe to say these producers embodied what it means to remake a track to be one of a kind. Using special elements of their own seasoned sound design, these producers put together one unforgettable project! In addition, stay tuned as Apashe and friends remix the rest of his Renaissance LP.

Apashe’s Distance (Remixes) EP is top tier. Be sure to listen to it here!

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