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New York dubstep producer Maroc has just released his new EP Headknock, and the messages behind it are just as passionate as the heavy tracks themselves.


Alien: Alien is a representation of the cruelty minorities face in this country. I can’t help but try to put myself in their shoes. This track is extremely heavy and displays my anger towards these atrocities. With thick baselines and sarcastic samples, I feel this is a perfect representation. 

Unspoken Secrets: It’s no question that conspiracies surround the U.S. government. While some are humorous, others are just downright unsettling. The repetitive vocal “Whatchu Know About That” heard throughout this track is meant as a representation of how little we actually know about these deceptions. With mainstream media being what it is- even if some truth comes to light- how do we know what to really believe? 

Headknock: Headknock is a representation of the divide between the political parties and the American people. It bothers me that something that brings out so much hate and anger is dividing up families, friends, and communities.

As the people of this country, we need to unify or we will continue to divide.

Maroc shared that with the world divided, he felt that it was necessary to express his feelings of anger caused by the corruption and forcefulness of our country. “It is my hope that one day we have peace and unity for all and we eliminate the misconduct shown by our ‘superior leaders.'”

Listen to the Headknock EP by Maroc here, and never stop fighting for what’s right.

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