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There is nothing more liberating than flowing through the psychedelic energy that surrounds us, and Steller unlocks the portal into that deep dwelling energy with her newest EP Another Love, released on June 24th through Bassrush Records. With the latest 3 tracks in Another Love, the upcoming Florida producer continues to drive full speed with her heavy-hitting bass and mind-warping melodies. Steller shows us what comes with finding Another Love in life and the revival of our souls once we do.

Look through your third eye to find Another Love within yourself

“A lot of love and hard work went into this EP, and it’s very special to me as I feel that it showcases where I’m headed with my sound. It is definitely more cohesive than my last EP, and I think the listeners will be able to hear that! I am incredibly excited for this release, especially because I feel that these tracks are a good representation of what Steller is. They’re groovy and funky, but still incorporate that heavy bass and high energy.”


“Another Love”

Steller Another Love

Immediately we step foot outside into the warm, radiant energy with the title track “Another Love” as Steller slowly begins to warp our reality. Steller encompasses old-school psychedelic soul and combines it with her signature new style of bass throughout “Another Love.” While the nostalgia begins to fuel our veins, Steller slowly dials the knob on our multi-color adventure.


Nevertheless, there is always a moment in our lives where we need to escape the reality of the world and feel “Free” for a brief moment. Now, Steller opens the vortex into the melodic soundscapes of her universe, painting us and expanding our horizons in kaleidoscope skies. “Free” brings this harmonious feeling and escape from the chaos in our everyday lives. All Steller asks from us as we listen is to close our eyes and listen to the sensory elements and calmly enjoy the ride.


To conclude the EP, Steller unveils the “Divine” energy that circulates around us. While garnering the electricity, slowly amping up to be released through the wonky bass. Steller takes the wheel and drives us through an extraterrestrial journey. Through the wormhole, gliding through the sonically booming and fluttering melodies, we soar across at hyper-speed. “Divine” channels the empowering and strong spirit that is deep inside of us. And as the EP comes to a close, Steller concludes her biggest finale by reminding us all how powerful we all are inside.

Steller will continue to explore the different dimensions as she grows!

Nonetheless, Steller continues to strive and expand into the different dimensions of her realm. Earlier in the summer performing at the Forbidden Kingdom, with a big debut at Lollapalooza and Moonrise Festival in the upcoming months, Steller is becoming astronomical. While also getting the attention from Mersiv and his label MorFlo Records to Ravenscoon and showcasing a mix earlier in the year. Steller and her talents continue to get recognized in the different realms of electronic music. In short, Steller is an artist that should be on your radar for the remainder of 2022. Certainly, we are eager to watch what Steller has in store as we have Another Love on repeat!

Steller Another Love
Photo Credit: y.s.a

Don’t be afraid to find “Another Love” with Steller below!

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