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The man, the mask, and the living legend FuntCase returns with a devilish new EP release, Corruption, and of course it’s releasing on his new record label DPMO. Teaming up with DPMO stars such as Versa, Yakz, Jkyl & Hyde, and Stoned LeveL, this new EP packs a f#cking punch to the face breh.

Seriously though, FuntCase has single-handedly bodied 2020 in one fell swoop.

This EP is nothing short of a rumble in some underground UK fighting ring. Right off the bat, “Kill Confirmed” with Versa transports you a dim-lit world with a heavy and saturated soundscape. From the distorted growl to the heavy drop, it’s like giant metal cylinders are grinding together. They waste absolutely no time getting right to it.

This next track, the masked-crusader teams up with Yakz to bring a big, BIG tune.

Starting with a solo violin hook that is soon joined by UK rapper, Rival, for some blazing vocals. “Bodying” will deadass body you, and is probably my personal favorite off the new EP. The snares, Rival spittin on tha beat – it gets you HYPE and you just gotta let it out.

Next up on the this freight train is “Transmission” with Jkyl & Hyde. It starts off slow, eery, ominous… you can sense it as it creeps up on you. The build up is quite vicious, and the sharp synth pulls you up before SLAMMING YOU into the ground.

FuntCase Corruption EP

The final track ties you up in a nice bow after completely wrecking your mind. Combining forces with Stoned LeveL, they bring the pit straight to you with no escape. The heavy drop is like getting pulled into hell, completely eviscerating you. This track is straight up filthy. What a way to end a wild and heavy EP. Bravo fellas!

With a heavy EP, comes a release on an equally heavy label. DPMO, a brand as recognizable and fearsome as the label boss himself, has been hitting us with devilish dubstep and raucous riddim since 2017. The compilation mixes featured on Circus Records have showcased emerging talent in the scene.

Handpicked by FuntCase, these artists bring that same diabolical sound and attitude we all know and love from the big man himself, and he couldn’t have picked any better to join him his new label launch. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for much more to come and strap yourself in for a storming 2021. Things are only going to get heavier.

Listen to the Corruption EP by FuntCase here:

And be sure to tune into the label launch party for the EP release with a stacked lineup below

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