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As the sun is about to hit the horizon, Manila Killa showcases his debut album Dusk to the world on July 21st. While the sky slowly transforms into nightfall, Manila Killa reveals his most diverse and tenacious work of art. Dusk descends into the inner journey of the renowned producer with an all-star lineup of collaborators to join him in sharing his most intimate thoughts. We hope you are ready to get a little cozy together as we watch the sky turn to “dusk.”

Manila Killa Dusk
Photo Credit: JOHN LIWAG

“Dusk is my debut album, the apex of the sound I’ve been crafting over the years. I spent a lot of time during quarantine reflecting on what I wanted out of creating a full length album. I reached a realization that I wanted it to be a project that touched on all aspects of my inspirations and influences through dance music. The subjects and emotions I touched on consisted of heartbreak, yearning and resolve; all things I considered throughout the creative process. I took a dance-music driven approach to the production, reaching back to my roots and channeling the feelings I got when I first started listening to dance music. This album is something I’ve worked towards my entire life and I hope that people can resonate with the ideas and energy I’ve put into it.”

Manila Killa

The most anticipated journey of chasing the Dusk hours is here!

Photo Credit: JOHN LIWAG

Immediately, Manila Killa freezes time for a brief moment for us to open our “Soul” and just feel the serenity of the sky shifting it’s tone. From the get-go, the world around us begins to feel so cinematic. While we feel the energy begin to flow across our body, Manila Killa points out to horizon and tells us to watch the world turn to “Dusk.” Despite the natural light dimming around us, the beaming glow of the skyline radiates our inner spirit. As we accompanied with the luscious vocals from legendary Lights to share a sentimental moment in celebrating the nightfall. And throughout the twilight skies, it is “Never Easy” to full release ourselves away from our minds. Manila Killa and TRACE bring this trance-inducing shift in reflecting our lives. Even more now focusing on the celestial atmosphere, we fall into the spell of Manila Killa’s soothing and vivid soundscapes.

Nonetheless, there is always some “Desire” we are craving as we watch the blues change to purples. Now standing by our side is the dazzling star MADI as she shows us to break free. This time we take a darker perspective through Manila Killa’s moodier production. While we watch the eventide arrive, MADI tells us it’s okay to say goodbye to unfavorable and toxic situations. Through the bittersweet moments, our “desire” to feel liberated is stronger. Naturally with the new sense of freedom, the sky’s ambience becomes “Sleepless. And through the euphoric atmosphere that Manila Killa brings us, our hands turn weightless. The hauntingly-charming vocals from Panama elevate the luscious and hypnotic melodies. Now, with our eyes close we feel the radiant electricity around us flow throughout and escape beautifully into the world. Afterwards, we stumble into the “Liminal Spaces” of our journey.

Now comes a shift into our endless adventure!

Following through the transitional stage of our afterglow adventure, we fall into “Dark Places.” As we experience the growth of lives, Kwesi reminds us that we aren’t alone. While the countless realities we go through, Kwesi guides us away from the strange and dark places. Similar to a nightlight, there is always a soft glow somewhere in those dim times. And through those grim moments come those “Devotion” moments of our lives. Manila Killa shifts away from the moodier elements of his work and reveals a glistening chromatic track with “Devotion.” The track freezes the time we are in and allows us to fully become aware of what is truly inside of us. While the pounding percussion and shimmering synths glide through and amplify, we feel the pulse of our heart heighten. Once we are unable to withhold the radiance inside, we unleash it out into a blossoming, glistening glow for the world to witness. Manila Killa shows us how much light is inside of us and how we should rebel in expressing it to others.

That the “Best Part About You” is so much more than your intrusive thoughts are. And with a little guidance from the angelic vocals from EVAN GIIA, it’s a message we have to repeat to ourselves. Now with the air becoming more crisp, our minds reminisce about our personal life story. Manila Killa develops a major cinematic moment to reflect and stumble through every part of ourselves. While we feel the curves along our lips lift and feel a tear glide past our cheek, EVAN GIIA leaves us with a note. “Don’t you let this go,” as a sign to be proud of every part of our lives, because they have led to the best part of ourselves.

There is always an end for those dusk moments!

Now with the sky fully turning to night, we are become a part of the “Heart To The Night” and fully engage in that spirit. This time we are now given the opportunity to simply express ourselves. Through the lucid moments and heavy elements, this track gives us a moment to just let our bodies flow with the cosmic energy. While feeling the enchantment of the vocalists from both Giolì & Assia along with Night Tales our full trance moment of letting the music control us is in full motion.

And before we leave for the night, we must ascend with “Take Me Higher” and feel the rush our lives. With the upcoming and astonishing artists, fknsyd embracing us with their dynamic range of tones. A pleasurable ending as we groove through the sonic blooming melodies and electrifying energy that Manila Killa shares. As he dives himself in that retrowave and drum and bass elements to craft an epic story for us to engage in.

Nevertheless, Manila Killa crafts an environment for us to escape to with Dusk. An endless journey of reflecting through the highs and lows of our own personal growth. Manila Killa releases his most raw and monumental piece of art to revisit endlessly. For the hardships we experience and love we will encounter, Dusk will be a reminder of those moments in our lives. Surely, this will be the album you fall back to as you watch the glow pass the horizon as you drive or stare out your window. Likewise Manila Killa allows us to become infatuated with transitions of our lives such as the world does each day.

Manila Killa Dusk Artwork

Manila Killa is just breaking the horizon on what’s coming next!

Now, this is just simply the beginning for Manila Killa and what’s coming up on the horizon for him. With the announcement of Dusk, accompanies a massive headlining tour for Manila Killa in the US. From the impressive resume of his past, he is just starting to showcase his most personal music to the world. As a result, they will reflect in his upcoming tour and who knows there may be some surprises he is ready to reveal to us all. Wherever you may catch him at a city near you, we hope Manila Killa is fully on your radar of an artist to catch no matter what!

Just stop for a moment, listen, and watch the day turn to Dusk below!

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