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Allow us to eagerly introduce lookc, someone we absolutely URGE you to keep on your radar. The duo hailing from Denver continues their endeavor into a multitude of illustrious downtempo adventures. These crate diggers fuse their knowledge of electronic production with instrumental capabilities to create a refreshingly, organic style of music that is simple yet has a sophistication to it. Drawing inspiration from a legendary lineup of artists like FKJ, Bonobo, Polo & Pan, and Flume, it’s safe to say these guys are heading down a path of success.

“Take Your Time” is a magnificent new atmospheric tune from lookc allowing us to slow ourselves down every once in a while

Escaping reality and some much-needed self-care can be so important for our wellness. Look no further because this track is a mental massage. During quarantine, we’ve been finding solitude in music and this is the perfect example. “Take Your Time” is the ideal ambient, chilled-out tune that’ll captivate you like a glistening sky on a starry night. 

The shifting, vivid soundscapes immediately draw the listener in along with catchy hi-hats and swirling vocals that intermit through the blissfully, airy beats. The cooling, calming textures are brought to life as your mind glides along gently with the mesmerizing kicks. Ominous keys soon come creeping in, sparking a cycle of deep thought as you reflect in this safe space being created around you. This song is a gentle handhold at the end of the night, giving you the warm and comforting feeling that everything is going to turn out quite alright.

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