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Our world seems to collectively get a little better anytime FKJ graces us with new music. As in we lose our minds when this genius reappears from the shadows to bless us with another captivating beauty. The legendary French producer has certainly been more active recently after a brief hiatus from his stunning self-titled debut, FKJ. With a few stellar singles leading up to a phenomenal 6 track EP, Ylang Ylang, the talented creator continued to broaden his stylistic approach. Back again, for his latest experimental approach on Little Dragon’s “Water”. 

If you aren’t familiar with FKJ, may we suggest this lovely video below. An absolute trip, this set paired with the jaw-dropping landscape will be all you need to convince you into becoming a simp for FKJ. With a completely raw approach to music-making, FKJ builds on his instrumentation to provide a whole new dynamic to live electronic music. The result is so unique and sensational, as the man is literally oozing talent. Watch as FKJ exhibits his miraculous ability to concoct some of the most hypnotic elements right in front of your eyes. 

“Water” is the outro to Little Dragon’s latest studio album, New Me, Same Us.

With elements of electronic music already sampled through the track, it seems as if this tune was a match made in heaven for FKJ. Keeping the already airy, dreamy pop vocals from Little Dragon’s lead singer. FKJ flips this tune into more of a sunshine daydream than the original ominous, thought-provoking outro track. The track is intensified instantly with some real hefty drums. Using his drum machine, FKJ recreates tantalizing melodies through various instrumentation samples. FKJ transports us to a little getaway destination by the water. The looped steel-like drums melt amongst his signature chord swirls. All while intertwining on some brightly, vibrant keys that provide a much-needed serotonin boost.

Stream FKJ’s remix to Little Dragon’s “Water” here:

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