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Krewella and Yellow Claw are back in the game with “Rewind.” The last time these two worked together was back in 2017 with their collaboration “New World.”

“Rewind” is my new favorite emotional roller coaster. Although it is filled with words of uncertainty, it is slammed packed with energy. Krewella and Yellow Claw do a great job making listeners lose themselves with “Rewind.” This track allows us to remember countless memories – only to realize that those memories can vanish in a blink of an eye. 

krewella yellow claw rewind

Our ears are blessed with an alluring topline with the vocals of Krewella that carry the track into a funneling bliss. As the sister duo sing the chorus, building up the climax – you can immediately hear Yellow Claw’s contribution to this track. 

“Rewind” follows up on Krewella’s recent single “Goddess” with NERVO as well as their zer0 LP and Yellow Claw’s Never Dies.

Both Krewella and Yellow Claw never seem to disappoint with their projects. Especially Krewella, a Pakistani American sister duo who are dominating the game. Who knows what else they have up their sleeves?

For now, stream “Rewind” down below and let us know what you think!

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