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KOVEN. reveals “Take It Away,” a new orchestral drum and bass track. This is an incredible addition to the discography of the award-winning duo, and we haven’t been able to stop listening. Released on May 5, KOVEN. utilizes the beautiful voice of Katie Geraghty and has excellent DnB production from the other half of the duo, Max Rowat.

Koven Take It Away

Initially, KOVEN. started working together in 2013. Then, they won the Best EP Release Award for Sometimes We Are in the 2015 Bass Music Awards. KOVEN. was then nominated for Best Album at the 2020 Drum and Bass Arena awards.

The duo first started performing live together, but recently Katie has been touring solo for KOVEN. showcasing her robust array of skills. She can dance, sing, produce, write, and DJ! In 2020 KOVEN. won the Drum and Bass Arena award for best vocalist.

This award is well deserved and her stage presence is unmatched. Her energy in every set proves just how remarkable she can be, especially when she steps away from the decks with her microphone and starts belting out beautiful vocals for tracks that she produced alongside her musical partner, Max.

Monstercat signed a heavy hitter with this duo, and they have released an incredible Drum and Bass track that has all elements required to be a worldwide sensation.

Stream “Take It Away” With us here!

The Drum and Bass genre has been making a comeback here in the United States. So, we are excited to see this new single “Take It Away” hitting streaming platforms. Immediately we hear Katie singing about running out of time in a relationship and how it is an uphill climb. The lyrics tell a story of a hopeful lover daring their partner to take it away and is packed full of emotion.

The beginning has an upbeat aura to it, that builds up to vibrant drop with a beautiful composition of strings to balance out the deep melodic feel of the track. “Take It Away” pulls on our heartstrings to hear about a relationship feeling one-sided. The track ends with an open-ended question – are you letting this go? We hope that this does not mean Katie and Max are parting ways because this single is yet another great addition to their long line of successful releases.

Catch a rare KOVEN. set soon!

If you are in the United States and want to see KOVEN. live then you are in luck! KOVEN. is on the lineup for EDC 2022, so if you are in Las Vegas on May 21st you will be able to see one of the UK’s greatest. In addition, they will be playing all across the UK, as well as at Shambhala in July.


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