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Fans of all genres of electronic music let out a scream of joy today when Shambhala officially announced their 2022 return. After two years of cancelations due to covid, one of the world’s premier festivals provided dates for a massive reunion. Mark your calendars, we’re going to Canada.

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Shambhala provided official confirmation of 2022 dates. The festival is set to take place July 22-25.

On March 29th, when Shambhala announced that 2021 will be postponed, our hearts sank but we were not surprised. Now, there is a reason for hope. Not only did the announcement confirm the festival actually taking place next year, but it also provided the dates. It feels so real. We can flip open our calendars and block out these four days in July almost a year in advance. The last two years have obviously been a struggle. Due to Covid, Shambhala has been limited to hosting all of its events in the virtual space. Now, we can rejoice, at the festival returning in the Summer of 2022.

We can see the finish line, let’s stay the course.

With all of this being said, a lot could change between now and next summer. We are already seeing events, such as Buku: Planet B, being canceled due to increases in Covid cases. There are also still major restrictions in regards to even traveling to Canada at the current moment. As fans of live music, we need to get vaccinated, mask up and convince everyone we know to do both of those as well. The last thing anyone wants is Shambhala to be postponed yet again.

Until then, let’s all stay safe, and work together to make sure we can celebrate properly.

See you at Shambhala 2022!

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