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Into the forest we go… UNKNWN and illoh have come together to create a dark and captivating landscape known as “Amethyst Forest.” The single is out now via Wubaholics, and Electric Hawk is happy to be your exclusive guide as we take a little trip into the masterful and mystery-filled “Amethyst Forest.”

UNKNWN and illoh are both undeniable masters of their respectable crafts. Each artist seems to have a knack for intricate sound design, deeply layered drops, and compelling flows. So it’s no surprise that the collaboration of these two would inevitably result in some pretty great music. In fact, the energy was so right they had to do it twice, “Amethyst Forest” is the first of two collabs, and if the next is anything like this one, we’re in for a treat.

Typically eerie forests aren’t really the vibe, but something about “Amethyst Forest” just hits different. Misty and ominous tones immediately fill the air and lure listeners in. Without much warning, we find ourselves in the thick of “Amethyst Forest.” A glance around proves there are no leaks of light and the only way out is through. Venturing deeper into the unknown (no pun intended) we are met with a dangerous combination of luminescent tones, weighted bass, and haunting samples. UNKNWN and illoh confirm what we already knew by merging their signature sounds together with ease to create an environment that is equally unsettling and comforting. As light begins to show, our trip into “Amethyst Forest” comes to a close. But, despite its dark aura, we’re turning around and diving right back in.

Experience “Amethyst Forest” for yourself below!

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