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We cannot continue to stress how special Josh Teed is. We’ve tried letting you know previously with a phenomenal debut EP, but we understand, you’re tough to convince. Fear not, the versatile producer from New Hampshire is once again furthering his sound to new heights and defying what the bass genre once encompassed. Pairing chaotic bass tracks with worldly, organic instrumentation, the brilliant artist brings life and a clear vision to his tracks. This only further elevates his sound to a level only legends obtain. We here at Electric Hawk are absolutely thrilled to premiere the stunning track “Deviation” off his new EP.

Photo Courtesy of OBSKURE

The Deviation EP marks the second major project from the astronomically rising producer. Through his wide range of skills playing various instruments from strings like the violin and guitar to the worldly windpipe, the didgeridoo. Matching this melancholy combo with scenic beats and ambient soundscapes, Josh Teed seems to have a 6th sense for being able to reach ours. Deviation EP marks the celebration of his new creations and the raw talent that is just oozing from this artist.

“Deviation” is the second track off the project, Deviation EP.

The tune features a collaboration with INTHEWOODS, who has been known to specialize in the psychedelic realm with deep textures and vivid imagery. Together the two take us on an epic adventure led by tribal sounds pairing perfectly with Josh Teed’s violin. A promiscuous beginning immediately draws the listener into deep and heavy feels. You begin to enter into a meditative state as the song twinkles on. As you come back to your body, an uplifting feeling and blissful enlightenment begins to occur. Deviate from the norm and release yourself with the music as the enchanting strings harmoniously ring off with some real gnarly bass. Dark wubs encapsulate the tune while heavenly echos provide a breath of clarity. The track speaks to our third eye bringing messages of peace and serenity in abundance.

Stream “Deviation” from Josh Teed’s new EP below:

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