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[incoming message]: .._…__._..___…..__._ Mersiv has a new track for your earholes. It’s time for a lesson in “Morse Code.”

Morse Code
Mersiv – Morse Code // Photo by JV

Mersiv, also known as Anderson Benoit Gallegos, is a personal favorite of mine.

Known for his fully immersive A/V experiences, his music brings you the present moment. Just be here now.
Beginning with the classic sounds of the “continuous wave,” we are quickly joined by ethereal synths. They are joined by other synths, layered over each to bring the listener right front and center of the musical experience.

MORSE CODE … _ _ _ …

Anderson wastes no time sucking you into his dreamy, bass-filled world. The synths are now pummeling your senses while the electric sizzles of those wubz induce that bass face. All while keeping you at the center of this coded message.

Morse Code
Mersiv // Photo by Alex

Releasing on Wakaan, the southern producer gives us his signature dark and dreamy vibrations. Ethereal beats and heavy bass to keep one balanced as all things should be. Right on Mersiv!

Stream “Morse Code” below and let us know what you think!

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