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Deadbeats meteorologist Jaenga has predicted a 100% chance of “Rain.” Expect torrential bass downpours and extreme winds on your daily commute. Showcasing a wobbly bassline, a familiar vocal sample, and expert sound design– “Rain” is a monsoonal single that will cause major property damage. Out now on Deadbeats.

How many weather puns can I fit into an article? You don’t want to know. What we should be focusing on right now is the topic at hand, Jaenga. He’s a guy of many talents. With at least 5 years of music under his belt, and an education from the New York City School of Visual Arts, Patrick Thomas McDevitt is a full-fledged artist. Not only has his music become a staple in the electronic scene. But his crown jewel, The Renegade Bus, has been responsible for some pretty incredible RV parties throughout the festival circuit. And for that, we give thanks.

“Rain” is a tropical storm of classic, wobble dubstep and ambient vocal sampling. The song begins with the haunting lyrics from “Rain Upon My Skin” by multi-instrumentalist and progressive legend, Airwave. Add some pulsing bass and a ticking clock, and you’re left with a transition into a wonky, rail-breaking dub chune. The wobbles in this make for some serious bass-faces. But the ambiance of the sampling creates a really cool atmosphere– which is no surprise coming from Jaenga.

Listen to “Rain” by Jaenga below, out now on Deadbeats:

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