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If you know Electric Hawk, then you know how we feel about CharlestheFirst. As one of our favorite artists in all of the music scene, Charles has seen a well-deserved burst in growth over the past year. His album Solus, that released in March of 2021, is still on repeat today. Today, he delivered some news that electrified his whole fan base.

CharlestheFirst announced via Instagram and Twitter that he will be hosting a curated event on December 11th, in the world famous Caverns.

A cryptic post sprouted up on Twitter, and was quickly deleted. Even so, fans of CharlestheFirst were speculating on what that could have meant, and anticipation built. A few minutes later, the mystery was answered by sir Charles himself.

The legendary venue sits in Pelham, Tennessee, and has hosted a wide assortment of fantastic artists. And yes, it is legitimately inside of a cave. It is hard to imagine a better place to enjoy Charles and his music.

Now, that it is official, two things will keep us up at night.

  1. What will the lineup be?
  2. How in the heck do I secure tickets?

Well, we will have the answer to the first question on Monday, 10/18, and there is no doubt it will be stacked. As for the second, the best you can hope for is to sign up for pre-sale registration using this link. Keep a close eye out for updates, and make sure not to sleep, because this is going to be special.

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