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If you weren’t already aware, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s a time for us to really focus on shedding light on mental health and its importance. Throughout the month, celebrities from various walks of life have opened up on their mental health experiences. Belgian DJ/producer Taska Black tapped UK-based vocalist Violet Skies to share their stories on their collab track “When I Come Home.”

Taska Black is not an artist that will be creatively boxed in.

Producing out of Antwerp, Belgium, Taska Black (real name Joachim Gorrebeeck) has made a name for himself as a versatile producer – from softer, feelsy tracks like “Heavy Hearted,” to heavier heaters like “We Would Never Do.” His latest single leans more toward the former. He employs a mellow background guitar riff that complements Violet Skies’ heavenly vocals to make for a track that is equally appropriate to either dance or cry to (or both!). The lyrics discuss dealing with the oft-unpredictable and unrelenting nature of mental health issues.

This ain’t something I could die from, but this ain’t something I can hide from when I come home

Taska Black and Violet Skies, “When I Come Home”

This latest single adds to what has already been a busy 2021 for Taska Black. This is his third single release of the year. Continuing the trend of shying away from synths in favor of more organic instrumentals and softer ‘chunes.

Now that Covid is coming under control, if you want to catch a Taska Black set, he is set to perform at Bonnaroo Music Festival in September!

Stream “When I Come Home” below!

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we at Electric Hawk understand just how hard life can hit. Part of the beauty in this magical journey we call life is the bliss we feel from music. If you’re in the dark, When The Music Stops is a non-profit organization with a mission to support and uplift others through the power of community, music, and love. Believe in yourself, Electric Hawk loves you, and you are never alone.

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