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HUCCI. The don. The legend. An OG of trap music has returned. And what a sweet, sweet, sound it is. HUCCI delivers his first track of 2021, “Jericho,” a confirmation that he is going to forever be an icon in electronic music. Trap fiends unite, HUCCI gave us a juicy track full of all of the signature elements of trap music.

HUCCI showcases a portfolio of wide-ranging sounds.

“Jericho” is the first uptempo release we’ve gotten in a while from HUCCI. His last single “Desire (Slowed),” from 2020, is a slower, sexier version of the harder trap he creates. He also released some Soundcloud-only tracks in 2020, all of which showcased his more rainy-day-looking-out-the-window-in-reflection tracks. The switch up from those to “Jericho” shows just how versatile HUCCI is.

We are escorted back to the golden trap sets of our yesteryear with the three minute and twenty second sensation that is “Jericho”. Pulsing drums, distorted low frequency vocals, and staticky synths come together to create this sonic masterpiece. 

HUCCI Jericho
HUCCI via Instagram

Is a Jericho album ahead from HUCCI?!

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about this release is that under HUCCI’s profile it says Jericho is an album, so we might be getting an ALBUM from the trap lord himself sometime this year? We can’t help but anticipate the day, and when it happens trust and believe we’ll be the first ones listening. 

For now, if you want a song to drive down the highway to, finish a hard assignment, or just bust it down in your living room in the middle of the day, throw on “Jericho” from HUCCI and get your life. 

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