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Oops, HEYZ did it again. He played with our hearts. Oh baby, baby, the newest single, “Just Friends (ft. Taylor Ravenna),” just released on Deadbeats. Between a striking vocal performance by Taylor and strong bass from HEYZ, the two captivate absolute ethereal energy.

Lyrically, “Just Friends” is about the struggle and growth in discovering feelings from being just friends with someone or something more. Taylor sings about the pain and confusion of being in love behind closed doors and how it’s now or never.

With a combination of strong melodic dance elements, both euphoric and dark, HEYZ captures the strong emotional energy of the lyrics. Effortlessly, Taylor Ravenna’s vocals tuck you into bed and HEYZ swoops in with the forehead kiss. Them, the drops come in with some heavy classic dubstep hi-hats and sirens along with long instrumental synths that bring together the strength of the song.

The North Carolina based producer is well-versed in multiple realms of music, both in and out of electronic dance. Since his first EDM release with mau5trap in 2018, HEYZ has played around in genres from techno to dubstep and more. We know Mike’s musical journey is far from over, and we’re so glad to be along for the ride.

Listen to HEYZ “Just Friends” (ft. Taylor Ravenna) here:

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