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Drishti Beats is anything but your typical musical act. Comprised of several family members and other talented musicians, the electronic group is also a yoga collective. Through the years, Drishti Beats has performed at festivals such as EDC, Sonic Bloom, Mysteryland, and more, combining music with live vinyasa yoga flows.

While next month was supposed to be the inaugural Drishti Beats Yoga & Music Festival and will be unable to occur due to the pandemic, the collective is still providing wonderful tunes to keep us grounded. With a group so innovative and up-and-coming, we are proud to premiere the group’s latest single, “Give It All.”

Drishti Beats Encourages Us To “Give It All”

“Give It All” is the latest single from the downtempo collective. The song describes the feeling of not being able to hold back anymore, just going for it and letting go. It takes the audience on a transcendental journey towards spiritual development on and off the mat. It’s normal and relatable to feel insecure and self-doubt yourself. However, “Give It All” offers listeners the strength to live into their power. The uplifting soundscapes allow worries to fade away into an abyss. “Give It All” delivers an otherworldly and mystical music experience, chock-full of radiance and luminosity.

Replete with positive energy, jazzy beats overlay a house soundscape to open our hearts and connect us to the yogic “breakthrough.” The daughter of the family, Ariel Lowell, is the shining singer who instantly captures our attention with her euphonious voice. It’s the perfect feel-good track that exudes nothing but good vibes.

“Our goal is to enforce a positive mindset through lyrics and rap, not only to enhance the yogic practice during our Live Yoga and Music Experience but to promote forward thinking even just through listening. A great dance track perfect for a sunny day, we hope “Give It All” will provide you with delicious and amazing energy.” -Drishti Beats

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