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We appreciate art in so many different forms, which is just one of the many reasons we’ve grown to love Graydient Collective. Founded in 2018 by none other than Julian Gray himself, the multimedia collective connects and highlights creatives through the sharing of music, art, writing, poetry, and nearly anything else you could think of under that umbrella.

Graydient Collective introduction video

The aspiration to create something truly special, memorable and personally moving has always been a lingering thought in my mind as I’ve approached projects over the years, and I believe that this thought is mutual to many involved with the Graydient project.”

– Julian Gray

Hitting the ground running, their pilot compilation album, Colors Vol. 1, landed the number one spot on Beatport in multiple genres. Now, they’ve returned with some new friends. Graydient Collective is back with their second edition of the annual project, Colors Vol. 2, to reclaim their throne, boasting talent like ASHE and Dex Machina.

Through a whopping showcase of 15 tracks, Colors Vol. 2 revisits and expands on a widespread array of forward-thinking progressive house, trance, and techno. Bringing the creative vision to life, the album is available for streaming, as well as being distributed through physical and digital CDs (pictured below).

Graydient Collective
Graydient Collective Colors Vol. 2

We highly urge you to hop on Bandcamp, support your favorite creatives, and snag one of these while you can.

Listen to the Graydient Collective Colors Vol. 2 at this time below:

Or you can also choose your preferred streaming platform here.

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