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Don’t you love it when an entire playlist, album, or EP paints a picture in your head and lets you leave reality? Start to finish, it just tells a complete story. Do you read so deeply into lyrics and wubz that you are physically here, but mentally on a spaceship in a different universe… or are you normal? In the new Milky Way remix compilation, each artist takes us on a diverse journey with a different story.

On the real though, the entire compilation is a real trippy-meditation type beat. As well as a literal escape from reality into a glistening galaxy. In other words, it’s the perfect example of leftfield bass with a hint of experimental.

One Hell Of A Good Track List – and a good cause.

The compilation includes a VIP of Stars Monster’s “Milky Way” (originally released on Spicy Bois) and remixes from Dalfin, Chopsjunkie, BLAOW!, Barely Great, Drezza, Tripzy Leary, Stupid Thick, Free Food, and Smol. The artists have premiered through our friends at EDMidentity, FUXWITHIT, The Untz, YourEDM, and Heard It Here First. In addition, the full compilation has beed released on Star Monster’s Bandcamp and all of the proceeds will be donated to the Anti-Police Terror Project.

Not to be dramatic, but this whole Milky Way compilation may have just cured a piece of our Pandemic Blues.

The compilation makes you feel warm and fuzzy. However, you still want to dance. The artists do a great job of showcasing a similar vibe but still staying true to their individual signature sound.

“I would say this is a song about evolving the human condition through the death meditation. Every artist on this compilation strives to elate human consciousness through their remix of this song. I hope this compilation does something for you. I hope it takes you somewhere. Thank you for listening.”

– Star Monster

Without a doubt, you can really feel the love from everyone involved in the making of this compilation. The artists wanted to take you out of reality for a second and make you feel something. And we definitely did. This really helped unlock some inner emotions that needed to come out. Our team is impressed and we are prepared to stan.

Listen to the entire Milky Way Remix Compilation below…

Don’t forget! As mentioned, this is compilation is available for purchase on Star Monster’s Bandcamp and all of the proceeds will be donated to the Anti-Police Terror Project.

The full compilation will be available for $7 for one week and will increase in cost Next Monday. September 7.

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