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With the days shortening, nighttime arrives sooner and we stand with Ghost in Real Life as she releases her new single “Scared of the Dark” on October 19th. A new ominous and heavy-hitting spooky anthem from the rising producer arrives as an impactful track. Ghost in Real Life reveals the reality of the grim moments in our daily lives but, instead of fearing them, encourages us to take them head on and not be Scared of the Dark.”

Ghost in Real Life - Scared of the Dark Artwork

“For my project, I’m always striving to put out music that expresses real and raw emotions […] as spooky as this song is, I wrote this song as an anthem to say don’t be scared of the dark, as in don’t be scared to have dark moments and push through the hard times.”

Ghost in Real Life

Ghost in Real Life embraces the darkness ahead of her!

ghost in real life scared of the dark
Photo Credit: Maxine Bowen 

Whenever the day slowly turns into night, there comes a sense of fear and daunting feelings lingering in the air. While we walk along the streets, feeling the crunching leaves beneath our feet, we notice the dancing spirits ahead of us. Although we stop frozen, we hear the haunting vocals in our ears, “don’t be scared of the dark.”

Ghost in Real Life unveils the natural, serene atmosphere that comes with the darkness, giving us the opportunity to be alone with our restless minds. “Scared of the Dark” starts with a tranquil beginning as we unpack our inner darkness. Patiently, the track intensifies until we are ready to unleash the spirits into the atmosphere. Throughout the breakdown, Ghost in Real Life brings a heavy sonic vibration that crashes through the dark barriers around us. Giving us a moment to freely breathe air, we now realize we were holding our breath.

Undoubtedly, “Scared of the Dark” is a liberating track to encounter the sinister and hurtful things in our lives. Although this time, without any fear, but the readiness to take charge of our own lives again. Ghost in Real Life returns with a new direction of her sound with this latest single. This time, fully in control and revealing nothing to fear ahead of us, we can push through and make it out together.

Step into the shadows with Ghost in Real Life and her new single below!

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