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Buffalo, New York is home to the #BillsMafia, chicken wings, and absurd amounts of snowfall. But, more importantly, up-and-coming producer Penn Chan. With a handful of major label releases in his holster, Penn Chan’s highly-anticipated 2-track EP, “Rebirth/Help Me,” is out on Friday with Reid Speed’s renowned dubstep-heavy label, Play Me Records. The record is now years in the making with each of the tracks ricocheting a complex array of modern dubstep with an emotionally expressive twist. 

Photo by Josh Rochelle

Each track is a powerful journey through sound. “Help Me” is a bass-heavy expression of a vulnerable time in his own life.

“The song ‘Help Me’ was actually written a couple of years ago when I was in a very physically and mentally abusive relationship. It was kind of my cry for help because I didn’t know what else to do. I was in a place where I was scared to tell people, so I just expressed how I felt during that time through this song. It really holds a special place in my heart.”

Penn Chan

On a lighter note, “Rebirth” is a much more melodic, floral take on his personal sound, while also displaying his range as a producer. “I have always tried to make extra hard music for no reason,” explains Chan, “but have always looked up to big artists that would use melodies and chords to convey stronger emotions. This was me trying to bring my own sound to that, and just let the music speak for itself.”

Be sure to keep your eyes on Penn Chan in the coming years. His ability to take listeners on a passionate trip though heavy bass is a clear indication of his talent and scope. This release will prove to be the anthem of internal shift and self-reflection; beginning with an angsty, in-your-face track with a ripping bassline, and ending the EP with a beautifully heavy and complex track that will be sure to make you feel refreshed. 

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