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Lofi beats are becoming a common addition to our generation’s everyday routine. Whether you need music for studying, meditating, or on your morning commute, get ready to incorporate “BLR” EP by Sohn Jamal to your daily listens.

BLR started as an experiment, specifically in seeing how lofi production techniques would sound over footwork/breaks. It was recorded between January to May of 2019. I started the EP after I got robbed and lost a bunch of gear that I was using on a regular basis. It represents a new start for me as I had to make tracks in less conventional ways (one of them was recorded entirely using the trackpad on my laptop.) It’s about leaving things behind and moving forward. Life’s a blr.

Sohn Jamal (aka John Small)


So how did this Miami-based, Tokyo-raised beatmaker land an EP with Cirx Records?

History began when the South Florida art collective and label reached out to Jamal to support an event back in February. That’s when Cirx co-founder Luis Tirado (aka Create) and Jamal met and played together for the first time. Jamal then went onto work on Cirx Vol. 2 and create an exclusive mix for the label.

Ever since I heard Sohn Jamal’s Work, I knew his stuff was special. He is one of the most talented people I know and we are super excited to be working with him for the release of this very creative and forward-thinking EP. 

Luis “Create” Tirado, Cirx Records Co-Founder

The EP is masterful and soothing, with moments of sporadic bass to keep your energy up. While lofi beats are usually meant to be relaxing, with this EP, you’ll never be bored.

Listen to Sohn Jamal – BLR below:

Keep up with Sohn Jamal here:

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