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Galimatias ascends to another untouchable level of musical mastery with latest single, “Let Go,” featuring Bas and Xavier Omar.

Officially having been in album mode since dropping “Redeye” after his mysterious absence from his socials to perfect his vastly-anticipated debut full-length project, Renaissance Boy, the world around us has felt like an ethereal dream where something absolutely ground-breaking is upon us.

After his very few single releases since his last timeless project with Alina Baraz, Urban Flora, many of us were wondering what kind of creative direction awaited in the future for Galimatias as he explored merging his otherworldly-production with his talented vocal skills. Bending genres and magically pulling from various elements of pop, R&B, bossa nova, and electronic, he has begun building a distinct universe of sound for himself unlike any other. The forthcoming album is a capsule of several years of work, as we’ve noticed “Let Go” has lush melodies that are strikingly familiar to a video teaser he’s posted in the past.

Renaissance Boy drops August 28th, and judging by the last few seconds of the song and the abrupt end, we’ve got a feeling it’ll be a seamlessly transitioning sonic movie. You can find the tracklist on his Instagram here.

Listen to Galimatias – “Let Gobelow

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