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23-year-old Gabi Gray has just shared a rather heartfelt track titled “Quarantine.” This somber song reflects on some of the things that she, as well as so many others, have experienced during this ongoing pandemic. Her words are undeniably easy to relate to. I’m sure many people will find extreme comfort when they hear this, knowing they are not alone. We are all still just trying to stay afloat and navigate these scary, uncertain times. 

The track touches upon so many struggles, like how lonely and confusing this time has been, as well as the levels of introspection we’ve had to face. She opens up about trying to remain hopeful while knowing it’s a lie as she’s watching, what feels like, her world falling down. Accompanying this song is a lyric video for fans to follow along to and enjoy.

Things haven’t really been easy for anyone, but seeing or hearing that pain transmuted into an art that we can all enjoy and relate to, makes it a lot easier. 

Gabi Gray

It’s almost impossible to put some of the thoughts and emotions that have arisen within many of us over the past year and a half into words, but Gabi Gray does it so beautifully. Her honesty and transparency are admirable. It’s much more effective than false hope too, because how are we ever going to heal if we don’t let ourselves truly feel? The emotional vocals are layered over harmonic synths and slow tempos. This multi-talented Los Angeles artist actually wrote, sang, recorded, mixed, and mastered this melodic track all on her own.

The timing of this release also couldn’t be more perfect. 

It dropped right at the beginning of September which has been recognized as National Suicide Prevention Month. It’s important to bring awareness to this, especially during a time where we’re seeing more of it than ever before. The number of mental health issues and a number of suicide attempts/cases have both been on the rise, increasing tremendously since the start of the pandemic. If you or anyone you know is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out to The National Suicide Hotline at (800)-273-8255.

Listen to “Quarantine” by Gabi Gray below.

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