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LA-based bass artist Rennoc gives us a nostalgic wake up call with some filthy experimental bass in “SB-129”, released on The Goodphellas. Familiar cartoon samples and extraterrestrial noises usher us into the bassline, a throbbingly low frequency of sound.

If you watched Spongebob as much as I did as a kid, you’d know that “SB-129” is a reference to a Season One episode where Squidward ends up frozen for 2,000 years, waking up in the future. He finds a time machine and ends up going on a wild adventure through time. Run this track over that episode and it makes it all the more exciting to watch. 

 A beautiful mixture of experimental bass and trap is woven through the wonky sound bites that hide throughout the track. 

Rennoc throws in iconic samples here, from Spongebob to a 5-Gum snippet, and ends the track with a Kill Bill Vol. 2 quote. He slices them perfectly throughout, making this a small bite into some of the best pop culture media of the past. 

If you wanna bust it down to some monstrous bass, check Rennoc’s “SB-129” below. 

Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

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