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A big welcome and massive debut for Redrum and her latest single “Idiosyncrasy” released on February 22nd through WAKAAN. “Idiosyncrasy” brings an introduction to Redrum’s forthcoming EP Chaos Theory expected to come out later this summer. Redrum is ready to bring us this new daunting and suspenseful side of her sound and mind with “Idiosyncrasy.”

Redrum Cameron Norcross Electric Hawk
Photo Credit: Cameron Norcross

Idiosyncrasy is the first single off my second EP, Chaos Theory. I wanted to experiment with heavier, darker sounds and step outside of my comfort zone with writing in a different style, and I’m really excited for everyone to hear a new sound from me.


A suspenseful journey you want to dive into with “Idiosyncrasy”

Redrum takes a different direction away from the Pisces Moon EP that we know about. This time take we are dwelling on the more suspenseful and darker elements of Redrum’s sound. Now, Redrum throws us into a thriller that allows the hairs along our arms to rise. While the shadows and fog begin to engulf the room around us to create an eerie setting. “Idiosyncrasy” brings us along to face our fears through the cavernous and spine-chilling drops. The daunting guidance from the vocals, “you just got to bend your knees, take a deep breath, and jump,” leads us to leap into chaos. Despite all odds, we are now battling through the menacing and ominous curiosity that lies in the darkness. Redrum exercises her hypothesis of Chaos Theory with this single and the final results are already promising.

Nevertheless, “Idiosyncrasy” is a track for anyone that wants to wander through the graveyards, the abandoned houses, the darkness that lingers around our surroundings. Although it takes a darker side, Redrum shows us the comfort that comes from exploring the sinister settings. As we suspend ourselves in our fears, this gives us an opportunity to expand our horizons and not allow the fear to overcome us. “Idiosyncrasy” will become the haunting track that will linger in our minds and as we stare into shadows, will remind of us this track. After all, there is nothing to be scared of with Redrum’s latest single.

Cover Art: Ashes Bardole

Redrum continues to strive in her space

With already an incredible 2021 for Redrum, she continues to push and strive through her vision. About to hop onto the second leg of Liquid Stranger’s Balance Tour for the next month. In addition, then going to perform at Ubbi Dubbi and in Denver opening for G Jones in April with more dates soon to be announced. Later in the year, a second EP coming, the evergrowing excitement for what is next for Redrum elevates. With her vision coming to life through working with artists like Ashes Bardole or Hannah Selene – the world Redrum is building for us is just beginning. Without a doubt, we will continue to watch Redrum blossom and reveal the inner vision that she has in store for us in 2022!

Dwell into the darkness with Redrum and “Idiosyncrasy” below!

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