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FRQ NCY has come forward with his first release since Electric Hawk’s In Unity compilation: “Appearances.” The track is the lead single off of his upcoming GEMS EP.

“Appearances” is reminiscent of times of unbridled joy.

Beginning with bountiful melodies and mesmerizing vocal chops, the drop is something each listener can connect to. It’s an airy, prolonged moment of ecstasy. We really can’t wait to hear this live.

FRQ NCY has broken into a lighter sound design with “Appearances.” When we chatted with FRQ NCY earlier this year, he told us about his pivot and finding alignment in his musical journey:

I think that [my sound is] developing to become more personal and closer to how I mirror myself in music. 

Chaz Haley, AKA FRQ NCY

We’ve said this before, and we probably won’t stop saying it. FRQ NCY is a master of sound design. his technical skill is astounding, and his musicality consistently impresses. Our favorite musicians are the ones we can trust to give us great music and also are the best humans. Rest assured that FRQ NCY fits this description to a T – a true GEM of the underground.

Be on the lookout for the entire GEMS EP from FRQ NCY, coming soon. Stream “Appearances” here:

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