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We really like to make sure you have new music. In our ever-evolving attempts to bring you the newest and freshest finds in this rapidly changing music industry, we update our Fresh Hunts playlist Every. Single. Friday. All for you. It is one of our biggest playlists curated with the utmost care. So, don’t forget to join in on our weekly gift to the people we love most, YOU. Your favorite music should always be accessible to you, so let us help you out.

And on that note, welcome back to our second edition of Fresh Hunts Round Up.

This week, our Fresh Hunts features new tracks from the Electric Hawk artists and family, as well as some tracks we can’t stop listening to. Happy spring!

‘Dissociate’ – CANVAS

Delivering inspiration from all forms of electronic music, “Dissociate” is an eclectic journey through bass soundscapes. Uniquely, Canvas begins the track with a trance infused build that releases into a piercing drop complete with a gritty, rhythmic bass-line. 

‘Venus’ – YULA

Honestly, this entire EP is gorgeous as a whole. The title track, “Venus” places dreamy vibes together with ethereal elements to create one of our favorite tracks. Yula shared that the inspiration for the track “Venus” came from reflecting on the different kinds of fears we all experience as humans. He added, “We need to resist the urge to panic during times of distress, and instead embrace those feelings as part of a desire to understand the unknown.”

‘Fidget Cube (feat Chris Karns)’ – Smigonaut

“Fidget Cube” is the brainchild of Smigonaut and Karns‘ two styles crafted into a masterpiece. Effortlessly, a heavenly melody floats daintily at the song’s edges, providing a soft spot among the hectic build. The tension escalates quickly as the signature scratches of Chris Karns make their way into the picture. Then, boom. Instantly, the duo sends us whirling into a world of neuro-goodness with a juicy drop.

‘Peace’ – Chef Boyarbeatz

Out now on Electric Hawk, Chef Boyarbeatz visits planet Earth to reflect and achieve some peace of mind. In “Peace”, we’re treated to an inter-planetary escape of bliss and bass, coupled with an unpredictable evolution of energy and serenity.

‘Climb For Me’ – Rohan Solo

Unquestionably, this smooth new track by Rohan Solo reminds us of a sunny day outside, surrounded by nothing but positive energy and that perfect amount of heavy goodness. Furthermore, when writing the song, Rohan Solo said that the song got him out of a tough time in his life. He shared, “My only wish is that this brings joy to whomever may listen. Thanks for listening.”

‘Temptation’ – SIDEPIECE

Now, this is a fun one. Our tech house dreams have come to life with this heater from SIDEPIECE, released on none other than Diplo’s label, Higher Ground. A proper bass line comes together with a driving vocal that will surely tempt you to move. Moreover, the infectious groove will get any dance floor rocking.

‘Somnium’ – Avante

To celebrate 1k followers on SoundCloud, Avante released this beautiful track to emphasize that this is only the beginning. Joining our Electric Hawk roster in December 2020, we’ve loved watching him grow as a producer ever since his debut set during our Harmony Festival. Along with celebrating his journey, Avante continues to release intricate tracks containing sounds for everyone.

‘Late Night Mozzerella Sticks’ – Michael Mason

Michael Mason cooks up a late night vibe that will most definitely satisfy those lo-fi munchie needs. We love this Nest release. As a matter of fact, this funky breakbeat and upbeat melody is just what your late night music craving needs.

Make sure to stay tuned in to check out what other Fresh Hunts we have in store for you.

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