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It has been just under 4 weeks since Smigonaut released the debut song “Council Of One” off his upcoming EP, New Escape. The bittersweet truth is that we have to wait until April 16th to hear the EP in full. Electric Hawk was lucky enough to premiere a second song, “Fidget Cube,” off the upcoming EP. Combining with the supremely talented Chris Karns, Smigonaut has once again provided enamoring content for our ears.

The duo of Smigonaut and Chris Karns blend their unique styles to perfection.

To understand the two artist’s unique styles, one must first acknowledge each of their backgrounds. The Seattle native, Smigonaut, takes great pride in his jazz influences and combines that groovy touch with his mastery of sound design to create some marvelous, stand-out pieces of art. It is as if you took the type of music you would expect to hear in a coffee shop, and fused it with the sounds of a Tipper & Friends afterparty. From soothing downtempo journeys to heavier, Funktion One rippers, Smigonaut has a distinctive range.

Karns, on the other hand, is legendary, to say the least, turntablist. Sharing the stages with some of the biggest names across all music genres, it is safe to say that Chris Karns knows how to work a disc. His scratching ability has been highlighted in this realm before. A stand out of his is the Jade Cicada collab, “Dusty Lungs.”

Smigonaut & Karns shatter already high expectations.

“Fidget Cube” is the brainchild of these two styles crafted into a masterpiece. The track starts with a thick, ominous build. Percussions delicately ring in the backdrop as the two begin to bring an array of sounds into the mix. A heavenly melody floats daintily at the song’s edges, providing a soft spot among the hectic build. The tension escalates quickly as the signature scratches of Chris Karns make their way into the picture. Then, boom. Instantly, the duo sends us whirling into a world of neuro-goodness with a juicy drop.

“On a whole ‘nother level”

The bass on the track is mastered to hit the ears perfectly, providing a body-shaking vibration while still sounding smooth as butter. A vocal pops in. “I’m on a whole ‘nother level,” it says, which, after listening, is impossible to argue with. The intensity continues throughout, making it easy to stay focused on the different intricacies of the track. The second half of the drop feels as if Karns turns it up a notch, as the emphasis on the vocal chops and scratches take the forefront. After nearly two minutes of enjoyable chaos, the two of them easily let us out with a quick but sufficient outro.

Not that we expected anything less, but Smigonaut and Karns really did wonders with this one. “Fidget Cube” is the type of track that will send crowds into an absolute frenzy. Seeing the reaction videos on twitter once shows come back will be a thing of beauty.

April 16th should be a fun one, as New Escape will be released in full. It is potentially Smigonaut’s most hard-hitting release yet. With heavy baselines and wonky rhythms, we can assure you that you do not want to miss this one.

Listen to ‘Fidget Cube’ below! And don’t forget to pre-save the full EP, New Escape, which releases April 16th.

Pre-save here: New Escape

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