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adjective: Blissed-out
“When you reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else.”

Blissed-out is easily the first thought had when listening to the debut EP, Venus, from singer-songwriter and producer, YULA. The stunning 7-track EP takes listeners to a place in their minds that is otherwise unreachable. We are excited to be able to share an exclusive Electric Hawk premiere of the title track “Venus” with you! We couldn’t let you miss out on this.

YULA & the Venus EP tracklist via Golden Artists Mgmt.

With Venus being YULA’s first full release, we are beyond impressed.

YULA has been releasing tracks off the highly anticipated debut EP over the past year. Building up excitement, YULA shared EP single, “Fade Away,” and it ended up becoming the first Billboard hit for the skyrocketing artist. Now, the Venus EP is out in its entirety and our ears are thankful. We were told, “this ethereal ride aims to connect listeners to their emotions”—and we can confidently say, it does just that!

Title track, “Venus,” sets the tone for it all.

Kicking off the EP, YULA transports listeners, “a million miles from anyone” and into a world of glistening melodies. “Venus” has an infectious beat that builds throughout. And of course, the hook catches hold of our emotions and has us singing along in our own little world. If you are a fan of relaxing, chilled-out, melodic electronic music, this exclusive premiere is a track for you!

Inspiration for Venus came from reflecting on the different kinds of fears we all experience as humans. We need to resist the urge to panic during times of distress, and instead embrace those feelings as part of a desire to understand the unknown.


YULA’s Venus EP as a whole is breathtaking.

The EP is filled with tracks to deeply resonate with, such as “Something More” and “Die Trying.” And, you can even get your fix of beautifully explosive drops in “Soul” and “Time.” Elements of singing and songwriting are blended with dreamy production and sprinkled with guitar riffs, drops, and more. All together, YULA created a wonderful debut for himself with the Venus EP!

If you want to get an even deeper look into what YULA is all about, you can tune into Insomniac‘s EP release livestream for the debut, tonight at 8 PM PST! Check the post below for details.

Be sure to stream the debut Venus EP from YULA, below! And enjoy our exclusive premiere of the title track, “Venus” as well.

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