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Fresh Hunts for the Week of January 21, 2021

We love keeping you up to date and stocking your playlists up with new music. In our ever-evolving attempts to bring you the newest and freshest finds in this rapidly changing music industry, we update our Fresh Hunts playlist every single Friday. It is one of our biggest playlists curated with the utmost care. So, tune in to our weekly gift to the people we love most – YOU!

Enjoy some of our favorite additions to this week’s
Fresh Hunts Playlist.

“Narrow” – sumthin sumthin, Player Dave

“ICED UP” – SubDocta

“Always ” – Super Future

“sKeleton Dance” – Slang Dogs, MYTHM

“Dreambane” – Space Wizard

“Simulated” – Eazybaked

“All I Want” – Lane 8

“Revel” – ATYYA

“Stuck On You (feat. Donna Tella)” – Blanke, Donna Tella

“Spirit Animal” – Fox’d

“When You Dream” – Rameses B

“Belong” – Hello Yes

“Blips” – DLR, Alix Perez

We’ll see all of you Hawklings on Friday 🙂

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