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Electric Hawk’s favorite, Floret Loret, teams up with B-Dos to deliver a melodic masterpiece titled “Shattered.Without delay, he continues to provide the most elegant, yet heavy-hitting tracks, and this collab can be added to the list!

Floret Loret "Shattered" press shot
Floret Loret, captured by: Nathan Lane
B-Dos press shot

Emerging from Tampa, Florida, Floret Loret dares to let his delicate compositions bloom in a genre dedicated to rugged baselines. For example, recent releases such as “Mango Madness” and his remix of Flume’s “I Can’t Tell” are staples in his discography with a captivating essence. Likewise, B-Dos establishes himself as a vanguard, not only in his hometown of Nashville but in the bass music scene everywhere. The complexity of his tracks, like “Eyes” and “Reign,” is otherworldly and very pleasing to the ear. These two friends have a similar uniqueness, and when fused together, they form an impeccable match.

Abstract notes, choppy melodies, and intense bass equally rolled into one gem of a song!

Floret Loret & B-Dos "Shattered" artwork

Once again, “Shattered” is an excellent blend of B-Dos and Floret Loret’s trademark styles. B-Dos excels at creating whimsical melodies, while Loret adds the perfect touch of twisted bass. The sprinkling notes make a dreamy introduction before the track evolves, bursting into a bouncing rhythm. Prepare to be undeniably entranced from start to finish. However, the second drop is the real treat! All of a sudden, the whirlwind of delicate chimes and bells accelerates into a cadence of head-rattling bass—the best of both worlds.

“B-Dos and I have been friends for years and have been wanting to create a tune together that symbolizes both our unique styles and directions. This was a fun collab, and we believe we created a very unique tune.”

-Floret Loret

Floret Loret is making waves, and there’s no end in sight. From gracing the stage at this year’s Shambhala Music Festival and Big Fam, he’s just getting started. Hopefully, “Shattered” isn’t the last treasure we get from the dynamic duo B-Dos and Floret Loret. In the meantime, show love to the boys and follow their socials below!

Check out “Shattered” by Floret Loret & B-Dos here!

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