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This Thanksgiving weekend, we are thankful for Tony Moore and Sean Hertel for curating another incredible Electric Talk episode. This time around, they had the opportunity to chat with two of our funky favorites, Marvel Years and Maddy O’Neal.

Marvel Years and Maddy O’Neal are fresh off their fall tour and the release of their newest track, “Don’t Stop.” Anyone who has had the chance to catch a tour stop or listen to either of their collabs knows that these two together are nothing short of magic. In this episode, The Electric Talk boys got to get helpful touring tips, like not to eat dinner at a retirement home. As well as the inspiration behind their “Don’t Stop” music video. Which features a pretty intense child-sized bike race between the two. We also get a deep dive into both artists’ past work. like Maddy’s track with CloZee, “Zest Please,” and Marvel Years track “Friends,” that he produced with N I N E of his equally talented homies.

Marvel Years and Maddy O'Neal

Check out the full Electric Talk episode below!

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