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Bass music producer Effin ends the year with a bang in the form of Descent, diverse four-track EP. The California-based, Icon Collective alumni has been consistently churning out tunes under massive labels such as Deadbeats, Sable Valley, Monstercat, and Never Say Die in recent years. Giving us hits like the bone-chilling single “Uncomfortable.” Effin continues to show his innovative sound design in new and creative ways, showcased perfectly within the Descent EP.

“A while ago I had a conversation about a ‘descent into madness’ playlist that would start with more comfortable EDM tracks and go down a rabbit hole into more obscure tunes, this idea ended up as the inspiration for the EP.”


Effin Descent EP

This four-song voyage begins by coming straight for our necks. The intro track “Stupid,” and its successor “Horseplay,” are both dubstep bangers that show off high energy and heavy bass. These two will be a mainstay in clubs as we ring in the new year.

Effin has been turning heads with tunes like these since his debut.

Well known for his heavy sound and hard-hitting drums, Effin gives us a look at a different side with the conclusion of this EP. As we descend into the depths of this journey, we encounter a softer, melodic environment with “Headspace.” He delivers a familiar wave of synths and drums. Meshed with a vocal-driven, genre-blending production this energy carries over into the beautiful finale, “Painted.” These two truly unique tracks are a shining example of Effin’s progression as a producer, and hopefully, foreshadow a dive into different genres in the future.

I think there’s a bit of something for everyone in this project and it feels like the perfect combination of a bunch of different styles that I’ve fallen in love with.”


Step into the rabbit hole and listen to Effin’s Descent EP, out now!

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