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Global bass pioneer David Starfire and ethereal vocalist Arula have teamed up for their latest spiritually rich single, “Keepsake.” Now out via Amrita Recordings, the duo enlisted Drumspyder and master oud player Jef Stott to create an unquestionably magnificent tapestry of mystical rhythms.

Hypnotic instrumentation instantly invites you to the global environment. As you explore sonic textures, Arula expresses her remembrance of Mother Nature. Once her alluring vocals meet the climax, a captivating and powerful bass proceeds. When the song concludes, a sense of yearning for change emerges. Coupled with vibrant and Eastern inspired beats, “Keepsake” leaves listeners breathless, yet inspired.

Infused within electronic, hip hop, and world music soundscapes, “Keepsake” is a reminder to celebrate the Earth and to stay grounded. Furthermore, it’s a call to action to be better stewards of the Earth.

Drawing from our unique musical backgrounds, we felt inspired to create a track that is both fun and evocative, as well as haunting and prayerful.” -David Starfire and Arula

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