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“Visiions” is the new collab from Don Peyote, Binx, & BuckTen that dropped on Electric Hawk’s very own: The Nest. Coming to you from the depths of the underground, these three combine for a chilled out psychedelic track, highlighting each of their respective styles.

Take a trip with “Visiions.”

“Visiions” begins with an ominous melody that leaves us anticipating what’s to come. The percussions and vocals both kick into gear simultaneously, leading us on a path towards a charming climax. The melody still hangs in the background, but begins to transform from its ominous feel to a new, more hopeful state. The vocal, “Can’t trust the world that I used to know” stands out over the melody, symbolizing the transformation we hear musically.

A sped-up percussion build leads into the magical drop crafted by these three talented artists. The three work together to create a new world through their sound. It almost feels as if you are placed in a technological, futuristic realm, traveling through a hall of different lights. The vocals are brought back in, and before you know it, your head is nodding uncontrollably at the pace of the beat. The drop slowly fades out, back to the calmness that was represented with the initial build up. This only lasts for a short stint, as the percussions re-enter the mixture, and send our heart-rates back up in anticipation of what is to come.

The last 40 seconds are arguably the most exciting of the whole entire song. After an energy packed build up, “Visiions” seems to release all of its weight and lightly fade into a lovely outro. It still contains the technological, psychedelic elements of the first drop, but has a more downtempo, charming feel to it. It seems to encapsulate everything that Don Peyote, Binx, & BuckTen are trying to do with “Visiions” and puts it all together for one final, closing piece. Every aspect of this song is calculated, from the artwork to the actual music itself. All of these aspects paint the ideal picture and make for a wonderful listening experience.

What’s going on in The Nest?

The Nest is our way of spotlighting newborn talent deep in the underground community. With “Visiions” now being the 40th release, The Nest continues to fill up with the sounds of the future. With releases from Common Creation, bd hbt, and many more, The Nest is your place to find the newest underground heat. We are beyond excited for “Visiions” to join this collection of music.

Keep Don Peyote, Binx, & BuckTen on your radar.

These three artists are all leveling up real quick and making a name for themselves. Don Peyote and BuckTen recently combined for another meditative track in Breathe which premiered on Headbang Society. Meanwhile, Binx has a Soundcloud littered with hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered. Don’t sleep on the growth of these three talents!

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