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We are ecstatic to bring you an exclusive premiere from the first full Bósa album Off The Grid with their track “Piranha.” The album is being released via Gravitas Recordings.

The duo Stephan Jacobs and Sunev compose the music project Bósa, and they created a signature style of euphoric soundscapes and low frequencies. On their latest album, Off The Grid, Bósa take house music to another level with a primal style. The seven tracks all have different vibes and energies, but they all exist in the same rhythmic universe. It’s as if Bósa allows the listener to view this universe through seven unique filters. Before Off The Grid, Bósa releases were just explorations of their sound, but this first full album displays the Bósa project at its full potential.

We chose to premiere the track “Piranha” because we felt it delves deepest into the Bósa world. Plucking low frequencies and tuned vocals are woven together and manipulated across a complex soundscape. Guitar riffs provide melodic leads and calm the tracks energy. It’s a beautiful five-and-a-half minute sonic journey.

Listen/Stream Bósa Off The Grid– “Piranha”

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